A Bright mind in the Right place

by Ar. Pankaj Lad

Vanessa Sans brought many developments during her excursion in the coworking industry as an entrepreneur and a coworking evangelist. She helps people, company designs, and coliving spaces from property analysis to business implementation. Earlier in 2010, when Vanessa was organizing an event, she witnessed the growth and importance of coworking space in the future.

Vanessa opened her own coworking spaces in 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. Later her team shared space and started working as freelancers for startups to grow themselves and their companies. She loved how she was working at home, which led her to launch a 1000 Sq.m space. She met coworking leaders as her background comes from organizing events. She was provided with the opportunity to join the Coworking Europe team when she met the organizer of the Europe Coworking conference and shared her views on the particular sector. As a result, she started to help young entrepreneurs to build up their startups. Vanessa looks at coworking to upskill her knowledge, more than just working in space.

According to her, it’s all about choices, flexibility, collaboration, and, more importantly, the people you will benefit from your skill sets. Of course, challenges were there, but she worked her way and climbed back up with solutions to every complication. It was essential to educate people and explain the bigger picture to work in this industry. Creative professionals joined her, which gave her confidence to move on with expanding her work. In 2012, it wasn’t easy to make profits where she worked innovatively and tried different models, and finally made her best moment two years from now. Her top philosophy is never to give up and face problems with a smile.

Vanessa divides her challenges into 3 phases: the Business model, Operations model, and implementation, followed by their respective processes. Targeting the audience and providing solutions at each step is what she looks onto during her work. She states that space allocation is critical, which has specific users and also its functionalities. It creates an impact on the business model and collaboration of the organization. She has no ideal project as she treats every single one equally important. Working efficiently and exploring with others is what she enjoys the most.

Covid will bring positivity to coworking spaces as the demand for coworking in the suburbs is growing. She has her competitor as her partner and grows together regarding what services they offer in their best way. Her goals are to grow and gain more knowledge and also launch her expansion in Europe. “Have faith in yourself and never lose confidence because that’s what will accelerate your work.”

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